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Published:February 17th, 2012 11:50 EST

In Praise Of James T. Kirk: Captain Of The Starship Enterprise

By Robert Paul Reyes

"He doesn`t beam in, but William Shatner does the next best thing at the start of his one-man Broadway show: He appears to the familiar orchestral strains of the `Star Trek` theme.

Then he soaks up the applause."


Huffington Post

As well as he should, no celebrity deserves applause more than William Shatner.

Shatner will always be remembered for his portrayal as James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise in the 60`s TV series "Star Trek. But Shatner has done many other things in his long and illustrious career, he`s written over a dozen books and starred in several TV shows.

At this point in his career the Canadian born thespian should be drinking Pina Colodas in a vacation home in the Bahamas, but here he is starring in a one-man Broadway show.

I am not really interested in Shatner`s career in Broadway, his stint as a singer, or his remarkable work as a pitchman for Priceline.Com.

I want to honor and commemorate Shatner`s role as the fearless leader of the starship Enterprise. James T. Kirk was 80 percent testosterone and 20 swagger.Kirk stands in stark contrast to the emasculated male of our generation, who is subservient and always in an apologetic mode.

Kirk`s prime directive was to bed as many exotic female extraterrestrials as he could, during his five-year mission to explore strange worlds.

When the crew of the Enterprise discovered a blue-skinned gorgeous alien, before Spock could say "fascinating", and before Bones could say "she`s dead Jim", Kirk was already knocking boots with her.

Kirk was the epitome of the machismo ethos: He was as quick to set his phaser to disintegrate as he was to flirt with an attractive alien. But Kirk was a gentleman with the women in his crew, he always treated them with respect.

Kirk had a military mindset, and he obeyed authority, but he wasn`t afraid to disobey the orders of the United Federation of Planets when they conflicted with his own innate idea of right and wrong.

Young boys pretend to be sports heroes, but I pretended to be James T. Kirk (in my childhood). I don`t think there`s a geek alive who at one point or another hasn`t done an impression of the captain of the Enterprise.

Allow me to emphasize that my admiration of the James T. Kirk isn`t ironic; I`m not trying to be cute. I would vote for Kirk to be President of the United States, he wasn`t afraid to blast the Klingons, and he wouldn`t hesitate to obliterate Iran`s nuclear facilities with phase cannons.

Kirk is an archetype that every young man should emulate; every man`s motto should be WWKD! What would Kirk do?

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