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Published:February 17th, 2012 15:42 EST
Prada, Victim of Breedism in Nashville!

Prada, Victim of Breedism in Nashville!

By Ernest Dempsey

Pit bull Prada, yet another victim of abuse by authorities and public, has been sentenced to death by a court in Nashville, TN. Her story is heart-rending, not only because of the terrible wrong done to her but also due to the carelessness of city`s animal control staff and the court that didn`t give Prada chance of a fair trial.

Prada was subject to intense stress after she was beaten and tasered and then held captive for over a year at the Metro Animal Control in Nashville. Situations were vengefully created by people to abuse her, resulting in her occasional rashes of aggression, which didn`t actually harm anyone. But all the harm done by her abusers was fisted on her and she was labeled as  `vicious` " a label that even the court of law, sadly, bought and ordered her euthanasia.     

What really happened at the Metro Animal Control is described in this story and can be seen in the embedded video. Given the untrained staff and unprofessional biased opinion of the control staff, the death sentence of Prada is entirely arbitrary and a disservice to justice.

Prada`s supporters are hosting an online petition to get signatures from caring people, urging the authorities to stop Prada`s execution because she is innocent and deserves a second chance at life. The petition has received more than half the signatures it aims for, and all caring souls are requested to take a minute to sign the petition for Prada`s life.