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Published:February 22nd, 2012 23:09 EST
Disturbing Trend Covering American Society

Disturbing Trend Covering American Society

By Kenrick Rampersad

There is a disturbing trend covering American society.  This trend is one that is changing the attitude and the behavior of our population in general.

The death of Whitney Houston has brought out some harsh feelings from average Americans who see the entertainment world and Hollywood as way out of touch with America.  They make too much money, they belittle the common person.  Hence, the disturbing comments some people made after Whitney died calling her names and implying that a person with that much money should know better and could prevent such irresponsibility and the consequences of their actions and the results they have brought upon themselves.

The political world gives us many targets that the citizens shoot at to release frustrations and resentment.  However that release of frustration is bringing divisions and attacks between our own people who see anybody with beliefs in different ideologies as the reason our country is in such state of decadence.  There is a racial element to it but economical classism, political differences and social status has laid the ground for a reaction that is disturbing and depressing.

This attitude is spilling over the world of sports.  People resent the athlete of today thinking they are all over paid and playing a kids game that anybody can play.  The average fan and citizen ignores the sacrifices and the negative side of all this fame and fortune.  They also ignore how important sports can be and the skills it takes to practice them, skills most of us don`t possess. 



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Kenny R is the Avatar of Kenrick Rampersad, Connecticut School of Broadcasting Grad and current on air personality at WOKC 100.9 FM & 1570 AM, Okeechobee, Florida.

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