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Published:February 22nd, 2012 21:53 EST
Political Correctness is Simple Respect

Political Correctness is Simple Respect

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

Political Correctness is simple respect. Respect for the basic freedoms and expressions as set out in the United States Constitution. Others would like to associate it with Socialism, Marxism and a lot of other isms. They are wrong. People should not have the right to attack and/or discriminate one because of his race, creed, color, s[e]x, religion, familiar status or disability.


So, many in the world today think these basic respects are alien ideology, or even damaging to America. Well, using my freedom of speech I call BS. First, and foremost, it is basic respect and commonsense. Yet, there are people out there that would try to take freedoms away and I am very glad that these basic respects of Political correctness is taught in our schools, and by loving, caring nurturing parents.


The Republican Party over the past few years have been out invoking the Constitution spewing Freedom and Liberty in every few sentences. Yet, the Republican Party would favor taking so many rights away from Americans, and turn it into a 2000 year old mentality Jedeo-Christian Police State if they could. I value religion and the Bible; however, I would not want to live in a theocracy such as the Muslim nation of Iran that rarely thinks outside of the mind of Mohammad, or a Bible Thumper that sins through the week, confesses on Sunday, and thinks they can show you how to run your life. I think God for great thinkers and Scientist. If it were left up to Theology, we would still be thinking that the Earth was flat, and we would have no America.


Political Correctness, or should we say Basic Respect should be the norm in America that is known for its friendliness, and smiles worldwide. Since I think I have to educate folks like Rich Santorum and statements like Conservative comments made by Paul M. Weyrich whom wrote this article


I will close by sharing my thoughts on race, creed, color, sex, and religion, familiar status and disabilities. My favorite race is held at the Daytona Raceway. I like Creed the rock group, my favorite colors are on the American Flag; I still like sex as it gets better with age though it takes less to satisfy me, I think Religion should be reformed from within and include basic human rights respects that the Constitution and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights states familiar status and disabilities should not be discriminated against. I see no problem with an American melting-pot culture that respects basic rights, freedoms, and shows respect for our diverse history.


Thank you,


Harvey Carroll, Jr.