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Published:February 23rd, 2012 22:41 EST
Breaking News: Edwards/Hunter Sex Tape to be Destroyed

Breaking News: Edwards/Hunter Sex Tape to be Destroyed

By SOP newswire2

Reports are crossing the newswire stating that the infamous John Edwards/Rielle Hunter sex tape will be destroyed within 30 days after a settlement was reached out of court Thursday.

According to North Carolina officials and a spokesperson for Rielle Hunter who is the former mistress aka friend with benefits as well as a part-time videographer for the John Edwards campaign and aide Andrew Young agreed to end their two year dispute.

"Hunter sued the Youngs in January 2010, claiming the couple had stolen from her a "personal and private" videotape that came to be known in court filings as "the Edwards sex tape." She a[s]serted that the Youngs were using the tape to help promote Young`s book, "The Politician," which chronicles Edwards` 2008 run for the Democratic presidential nomination and the candidate`s affair with Hunter," according to ABC news.

Please stay tuned to the SOP and Senior Reporter Robert Paul Reyes for the latest developments in this story.

Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons