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Published:February 25th, 2012 14:51 EST
War on Drugs vs. War Within Ourselves to Take Drugs...

War on Drugs vs. War Within Ourselves to Take Drugs...

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

War on drugs vs. a war within ourselves to take drugs...


War on Drugs takes me back to my suggestion for the "Panama Invasion Operation Just Cause" to keep hardcore drugs from entering the United States... I am still wondering if the end, justified the means...


Before I begin my thoughts, I would like to take a moment of silence for those that lost their lives and/or injured in the Panama Invasion...


This operation was started at a Bible study with the former Latin American Central Intelligence Analyst and a member of the Drug Enforcement Intelligence Analyst in New York and Washington, D.C.  While at the Bible Study at an undisclosed location on the East Coast (I attended because I was asked by a couple very beautiful girls); General Manuel Noriega happened to end up on TV beating on the podium with a sword in defiance of the U.S. Our discussion turned from a Bible Study to drugs, evidence and such.


I simply said. .. Since you guys (CIA/DEA) have all the evidence on him; why don`t you simply go in with low intensity conflict, apprehend him. Bring him back to the United States for drug charges, and money laundering like this guy in my hometown was busted. 


I said, to deter a lot of shots from being fired you can go in with large convoys of helicopter gunships. Name it something like "Operation Just Cause", because it is a just cause to keep hard core drugs from entering the U.S. The Intelligence Agent looked at me and said, "hmmm interesting". Three months later, I watched it on TV with a bit extra overkill in it. The U.S. Southern Command decided to drop 29,000 troops into Panama also. This got many American killed, and some 5,000 Panamanians according to a documentary called, "The Panama Deception". The operation also got a brother killed, one of my fraternity brother`s from my undergraduate college EKU. I have also met Panamanians that lost family, and mothers who lost sons. It is always a sad and uncomfortable discussion to realize that you know that you made a suggestion that cost someone his or her loved ones life.


For over 20 years, I have wondered if the end justified the means. Did the invasion suppress the lucrative drug traffic or just promote it? On the other hand, perhaps it only put the business into more powerful and ruthless hand. Then there is the covet Government involvement from rogue elements. I certainly wasn`t happy to see unclassified documents of the Iran/Contra affair where (CIA Director Bush before he became President) did gun running trades with General Noriega of Panama, and that several DEA agents got their hands caught in the cookie jar dealing with Noriega also.


These days Drugs due to the major downturn in economic policy blunders of the previous Administration tend to go together. Economic hardships is why so many states are not discussing legalizing the growing and distribution of marijuana. Since 9/11 drug consumption and use has went up many fold. The problem is a huge threat to America`s economic/national security. Military intervention has little affect and the long haul process of obtaining an education and lifting one above drugs and social oppression is often shelved in favor of the short run buck in hand.


Diplomatic suggestions do not always turn out well. The Devil has a tendency to get into the details. My suggestions in Panama were muted by a lack of economic focus that created a much larger demand. My work on the 1st Gulf War was successful, but built profiteers that influenced political policy to return to the Gulf, which undermined Americas economic and national security.  In Somalia, a simple "Missionary Mission" got turned into a Military Mission that resulted in "Black Hawk Down"; very silly how trying to feed people was turned into a conflict.


My advice is to be careful, and try to make sure that "Diplomacy" is followed to the letter. Try to have a primary focus on constructive ways of establishing policy. Sound policy creation can create solid long-term relations, which will add economic values. "Economic Visions and Values" give people a much stronger feeling of hope that can be clung to, as opposed to going for the quick buck, and selling their soul to the Devil that devours ones hopes, ambitions and talents, as it did with Whitney Houston; hence "A war on drugs vs. a war within ourselves to take drugs.


This is why I think this policy suggestion in dealing with the Mexican, border issue is much more constructive and proactive in dealing with cross border immigration and drug cartel issues.


Thank you,


Harvey Carroll, Jr.


PS, I do not take drugs, but I do miss the smell of that good ole Kentucky Skunk Bud from time to time...


Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons