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Published:February 25th, 2012 14:30 EST
Yoga Positively Influences The Mind

Yoga Positively Influences The Mind

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Yoga practice has been around for centuries and its origin is from India. Yoga poses range from mild to extreme body contortions. Yoga has not only beneficial physical effects but possesses the capability of positively influencing the mind, spirit emotions in a positive manner.

Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 thousands of years originating in India, and has spread to the four corners of the globe.. There are many different forms of yoga practice,such as Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha and Kundalini, being the most common chosen in America today.

Once thought of as a complimentary or alternative form of medical therapy, in recent years the traditional medical establishment has embarked on studying the power of yoga as a healing tool. These investigations have proved positive and beneficial for various medical indications.

The traditional medical interest has concentrated studies of yoga as beneficial in areas of pain. Back pain was the most recently studied and for the chronic pain sufferer has been found to be most effective.Younger adults and seniors alike are practicing yoga in greater numbers than ever before realizing its beneficial physical and psychological effects.

Medical indications for yoga as therapy:

Pain in all its forms and body locations, by far the most common reason for yoga practice. Chronic neck and back pain tend to respond most favorably , although any area shoulders,arms, legs and knees benefit from this form of therapy. Cancer, dementia, arthritis and many psychological problems respond in different degrees of effect.

We suggest that those with medical problems should seek out the aid of yoga therapists, rather than yoga instructors. The former type has specialized in using yoga from the therapeutic point of view. We do not undermine the benefits derived from yoga instructors, who generally have less training in the therapeutics of yoga.

Before embarking on a program of yoga therapy it is imperative to discuss the situation with the healthcare provider first. Yoga should never be tried on one`s own, problems can develop if a pose is incorrectly performed. We suggest a few private lessons first, before joining a class, so that the mentor should be fully appraised of one`s limitations. If pain is experienced during a certain pose, stop immediately and ask the mentor for advice on modification of the pose to suit the individual. Before starting a program , one should wear loose clothing, be adequately hydrated,warm up first and never be afraid to question the instructor. There are different levels of yoga. The beginner should begin in a class of initial competency.

Those suffering from blood pressure, issues, osteoporosis, spinal issues and pregnant females should exhibit caution,

Many forms of written and electronic information about yoga practice are available.

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