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Published:February 28th, 2012 16:36 EST
A Situation

A Situation

By Ed Roberts

A Situation


There is something out there

Worse than our worst nightmare

More dangerous

And frightening

Than anything

We can prepare ourselves



It is nameless

It`s faceless

And because of this

We often feel powerless

To face

Or escape


We call this thing

A situation


You can`t yell

At a situation

Scream at a situation

Hit, kick or punch

A situation


It has so many faces

It can be grief



The loss of one`s job

A loved one

Drug abuse

Alcohol abuse

Even homelessness


It can grow

From the smallest of circumstance

From seemingly no where

Surround us

Imprison us

Behind bars

That we ourselves

Can not always see



There is a real monster out there

That for lack of any other word

We call

A situation


What we have to realize though

Is that there is a cure

For this disease

This faceless plague


It`s is not always easy

Often it is something

We can not do on our own

But if we want it

And are willing to ask

And even beg for it

We can find it


We call this cure



Ed Roberts


Sometimes very good people find themselves in very bad situations, But we should always remember that one small light can vanquish a whole lot of darkness


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