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Published:March 1st, 2012 11:31 EST
Analyzing 2 NBA Superstars: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Analyzing 2 NBA Superstars: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

By Kenrick Rampersad

Kenny R invites you to spend An Extra Moment analyzing 2 superstars.

The magic of Michael Jordan is legendary. No one will come even close to deliver the moments we enjoyed during his illustrious career in the NBA.

Today we could say that Kobe Bryant is the face of the league in the sense that he is perhaps the most recognizable figure in the NBA worldwide. He has 5 NBA titles, several MVPawards, Olympic gold, and has several historic numbers that continue to increase.

Lebron James is the logic "candidate" to take his torch and run with it in historic fashion. His speed, power and attitude, the way he approaches the game and the level of intensity he demonstrates are refreshing to experience.

However, it seems that Lebron doesn`t want that responsibility. It may seem that an All Star game is a silly event to question a player`s intensity but if you really look at both players` history, you will begin to realize that the All Star Game 2012 showcased a player that wants to win at all cost no matter the importance of the game and another who perhaps feels uncomfortable being "the man".


AN EXTRA Moment in Sports, Hosted by Kenny R

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