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Published:March 2nd, 2012 12:12 EST

Enough About Angelina Jolie's Right Leg, What's Up With Her Skinny Arms?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Millions of words have been written, and gazillions of bandwidth have been used to chronicle, analyze, and ridicule Angelina Jolie`s right leg shenanigans at the Academy Awards.

Angelina`s right leg is a worthy subject for research and investigation, our fascination with the Hollywood bombshell`s appendage speaks volumes about the supremacy of pop culture.


The coverage of Angelina`s right leg has not been over-the-top, one day an Ivy League university will devote a college course to the subject.

But a few words need to be written about the superstar`s skinny arms. I appreciated Angelina`s lovely leg, but I was appalled at her emaciated arms.

Angelina doesn`t need an Oscar, she needs a hamburger and fries. Angelina is a national treasure, and Brad needs to do a better job looking out for her. He needs to take her out to McDonald`s every day, until she gains a few pounds.

Pic of Angelina`s lovely leg and skinny arms:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org

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