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Published:March 5th, 2012 13:37 EST
HumorOutcasts Celebrates 400,000 Page Views

HumorOutcasts Celebrates 400,000 Page Views

By Donna Cavanagh, a new site dedicated to finding the laugh in everyday life marked its 400,000 page view recently.  Founded less than a year ago by published humorist and author, Donna Cavanagh, has grown to include 40+ writers, who are also stand-up comics, artists, performers, DJs, academics, computer geeks, etc., who also want to exercise their wit and writing talent on a daily basis on topics ranging from family life to politics. 
"I started the site as a place to give humor writers a voice," said Cavanagh. "I wanted a place where humor was the focus of the writing on a site--not an afterthought. The initial core of writers had all come from sites where humor was not really wanted-- thus the name Outcasts." writers hail from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, India, Ireland and Australia.  Editor Betsy Dickinson oversees submissions and the daily operation of the site with Cavanagh. Ed Cavanagh, the developer of the site and computer engineer and Donna Cavanagh`s husband, is the technical consultant for HumorOutcasts.
"We are focused on growing and developing the site. We want to become the site for those looking for a daily dose of humor. We know people need humor and laughter in their lives, and we want to be the site that gives them that emotional release.  We are always looking for ways to improve the deliver that humor to them and get our writers as much exposure as possible," noted Cavanagh. "Our most recent changes include a Featured Writer of the Month post which is a Q & A on one of our writers and a Guest Writer category which was just started in February 2012. The Guest Writer category will include writers and celebrities who want to post but do not have the time to be a regular writer."

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