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Published:March 14th, 2012 11:31 EST

Top Ten Best Gifts For Snooki's Baby Shower

By Robert Paul Reyes

*Birth control pills

*Orange tanning lotion, so it will look just like mom.

*Diapers, so at least one person in the family will be wearing underwear

*Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Card. That baby will be making plenty of appearances on Snooki`s reality shows.


*A copy of "How to Raise a Baby for Dummies"

*Tranquilizers (for the baby not Snooki), it won`t be easy having Snooki for a mother.

*Dozens of DNA test kits, for every dude who claims he is the baby daddy.

*A hat for the baby, so Snooki won`t be tempted to poof up its hair.

*A nanny, Snooki is incapable of taking care of a baby.

*A gun for the baby,so it can either shoot himself or Snooki

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