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Published:March 19th, 2012 00:49 EST

Mitt Romney's Torture Of His Dog Seamus Disqualifies Him From Presidency

By Robert Paul Reyes

I love my dog, Mandy, when I take her for a drive to the park or the woods, she rides shotgun with her head out the window, like God intended. I`d rather drive with my dog by my side, than with a nagging woman or a belching dude.


I always share my dinner with Mandy, and she also gets a huge bone every week. Dogs are persons, and anybody who doesn`t treat them with love and respect is anathema.

This brings us to Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney who once drove to Canada with the family dog, Seamus, in a pet carrier fastened to the roof of his station wagon.

What a monstrous lesson he was teaching his five young sons who were in the station wagon: A dog is a beast that should be treated like a piece of luggage.

During the nightmare 12-hour trip, Seamus suffered a bout of diarrhea and Romney stopped briefly to hose off the vehicle and the pooch, then continued on his merrily way, oblivious to the suffering of the family pet and the impact the horrible incident was having on his children.

This incident happened 30 years ago, but it still dogs the Romney campaign. The Seamus scandal disqualifies Romney from being President of the United States.

I will be doggone if I vote for a monster who puts his faithful companion through living hell. Romney doesn`t deserve to be elected dogcatcher, let alone President.

I urge dog lovers everywhere not to vote for Mitt Romney, perhaps the most evil and cruel politician ever to run for president. Mitt Romney deserves to be in the doghouse, not the White House.

Rest in peace Seamus! Even if you are in hell, I`m sure Satan is treating you better than Romney ever did.

"The Massachusetts ASPCA stated that Romney`s actions were probably illegal under Massachusetts law, but that the statute of limitations has passed. Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA has labeled the incident as animal cruelty and torture. Three scientists who evaluated the event stated that Seamus could have possibly had around ten pounds per square foot of air pressure pressing against his head during the trip. The veterinarian wife of one of the scientists said that she was worried that the air flow could cause fatigue and dehydration of the eyes."


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