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Published:March 26th, 2012 14:22 EST

Justice: Cops Force Thief To Reattach Door He Stole!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A resident told Varmlands Folkblad he was driving home from work Thursday when he saw another car going in the opposite direction with what appeared to be his front door strapped to the roof.

Upon reaching his home, the man discovered a gaping hole where his front door used to be and turned around to chase the suspected thief."



I can imagine myself driving home after a hard day`s work, daydreaming about getting home, taking off my shoes, and plunking myself down in the front of my TV, with the remote in one hand and a cold drink in the other, when all of a sudden I see a car whiz by with my front door strapped to the roof.

Upon coming home and discovering a hole where my front door used to be, I would be so freaking mad that I would chase down the thief to the ends of the world.

The homeowner called the cops while he was in hot pursuit of the suspect, and he was quickly apprehended. The police made the thief reattach the door to the home.

If this incident had happened in America, the ACLU would have sued on behalf of the thief, they would argue that the man was forced to do hard labor before he was was guilty in a court of law.

I would have been sorely tempted not to call the law, and run the bad guy off the road. But we can`t take the law into our own hands -- chaos would ensue.

PHOTO CREDIT: WIKIPEDIA.ORG (Generic Silly-Looking Cop)

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