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Published:March 29th, 2012 12:58 EST
Natalia Reagan and Judyth Piazza Discuss Butt Week, Monkeys and More

Natalia Reagan and Judyth Piazza Discuss Butt Week, Monkeys and More

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Natalia`s interest in anthropology began when she took a biological anthropology course during her undergraduate studies at a local community college. As it turned out, the class changed her life, her way of thinking and the course of her academic career (her major at the time was theater) and she fell in love will anthropology. She had always been fascinated by human behavior and morphology.

Natalia was fueled by a desire to know how and why humans did the things we did and why our bodies are shaped the way they are. From theories about the evolution of bipedalism to why women have breasts to why humans wage war, Natalia found anthropology answered questions she had so often asked. Natalia continued my education at California State University Northridge and focused on biological anthropology. She completed an honors thesis on Grauer`s gorilla conservation (a gorilla subspecies only found in Democratic Republic of Congo) and finished her undergraduate studies in 2008 with a BA in anthropology and began graduate school in fall of 2009.

Natalia`s focus was primate conservation and for her thesis fieldwork she completed a survey of the Azuero spider monkey in Panama during the summer of 2010 in conjunction with the Azuero Earth Project. In May she received an MA in anthropology with honors and was presented the Bruce Gelvin Award for biological anthropology. This September Natalia will be presenting her thesis results at the American Society of Primatologists meeting in Austin, Texas.

During her studies, Natalia still performed in an improv comedy troupe, The Omelettes, and worked as an actor in film and television. She has appeared on such shows as "My Name is Earl", "The Drew Carey Show" and "Better Off Ted". Natalia also began writing segments to explain human behavior in a humorous and entertaining fashion, all while maintaining the scientific integrity of each subject. The videos can be seen at

Natalia`s goal is to educate people about human behavior using humor, evolutionary biology and nonhuman primates (monkeys and apes) as models. Humans are now being faced with serious environmental consequences (climate change, mass extinctions, "super bugs") due to our irresponsible behavior and she believes knowledge about our origins will help humans find a way to live in harmony with nature again. Natalia also will continue to work in primate conservation in Panama, as she wholeheartedly believes, monkeys need love, too!

Butt Week will be a celebration of the gentle undulating hills and valleys of the human "caboose.` It`s time that keisters get their due and Butt Week is the answer. BUT, Butt Week will not just be about ogling fly mamasitas in Butt Week bootie shorts. No, it will be much more that that. As an anthropologist, I am dedicated to informing the public about science and evolution of the present day bigger bootie found in humans (as compared to nonhuman primates- or monkeys and apes). We`ll also have games and activities like, Dance-your-bootie-off " dance off, pin the junk on the trunk, the Miss Beauteous Gluteus Pagent, and prostrate exams. Nah, I`m just kidding "but there will be a prostate health booth!

Yes, you read that right! Fanny health will also be a big part of Butt Week. There will be information booths andeducational seminars about prostate, colon and rectal health. According to the American Cancer Society`s Estimated Numbers of New Cases for Selected Cancers by State, US, 2012, there will be roughly 143,460 new cases of colon and rectal cancer and a staggering 241, 740 new cases of prostate cancer this coming year. Many of these cancers can be treated effectively when caught early on so the key is prevention. Therefore, Butt Week will focus on this important crusade and get to the bottom of better heinie health.

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