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Published:March 30th, 2012 11:44 EST

Would You Buy Toilet Paper With Paris Hilton's Tweets?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A new site prints out your Twitter feed on rolls of toilet paper - or you can pick your favourite celebrity and turn their words into wipes.

The site S***ter charges $35 for four rolls of paper printed with 140-word Tweets.


The Tweets appear printed on sheets with about four Tweets per sheet."

Daily Mail

A tweet is as disposable as a sheet of soiled toilet paper; I doubt a tweet will ever make its way to the Bartlett`s Book of Familiar Quotations.

A tweet is the equivalent of a wet fart, it doesn`t take much thought or contemplation to write one. This is a typical Paris Hilton tweet: I`m in the crapper, OMG itz true, my poop really dont smell. Should I sell my cute poops on eBay? Here`s a typical Lindsay Lohan tweet: Here`s a tweet pic of my booty! LOL, how did I get white powder on my bum? I must be really wasted. dont hate! Kim Kardashian tweet: I just insured my butt for a million bucks! LOL, my azz is the bomb!

What better place to put these pearls of wisdom from bimbo celebs than on a roll of toilet paper? But $35 for four rolls of toilet paper is a bit steep!

This Twitter toilet paper is a great concept, it should be taken a step further, and Paris Hilton`s next book should be printed on toilet paper.

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