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Published:April 4th, 2012 14:53 EST

Holy Blessed Stingray! Lady Finds Dead Stingray With Image Of Jesus Christ

By Robert Paul Reyes

Images of Jesus Christ on a dirty window or on a slice of toast are a dime a dozen. If you put up a slice of toast with an image of Jesus up for auction on eBay it might elicit a bid of a few bucks from a religious fanatic.


But Erica Scheldt, reporting seeing the likeness of Jesus on a dead stingray on the shore of Sullivan`s Island. Erica thought the image looked like a homeless bum, but her friends convinced her the miraculous stingray looked like none other than Jesus Christ. I can imagine the conversation went something like this:

Erica: Here`s the pics I took of that rotting stingray with an image of a gross homeless dude on his back.

Mindy: Are you freaking nuts? That`s not some homeless dude, that`s a dead ringer for Jesus Christ!

Erica: Yeah right, and you look like Angelina Jolie

Mindy: Hello! Try selling a dead stingray with an image of a homeless person on eBay, you`d be lucky to get a dime for it. But if you put up for auction a dead stingray with an image of Jesus you`ll get rich!

Erica: Our Father who art in heaven! God has blessed me with this divine miracle. It would be a sin not to sell this holy stingray!

Mindy: Amen, sister, Amen! Let`s go grab that stinking stingray, before somebody throws it away.

Have a happy Easter! May God bless you by letting you find an image of Jesus on a decomposing corpse of a bunny.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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