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Published:April 4th, 2012 17:53 EST

Outrage: Frontier Airlines Stops Serving Free Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Frontier Airlines will stop serving free warm chocolate chip cookies on its flights once its current supplies run out. The airline tells the Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee that is likely to happen no later than early May."


USA Today

No more free pillows, blankets, peanuts, and now no more fee warm chocolate chip cookies. With the price of jet fuel at an all-time high, airlines are on a mission from God to cut costs.

Freebies have been replaced by fees, we have to pay fees from everything from checked-in-luggage to aisle seats. Don`t be too surprised if we will soon have to pay for the privilege of using the toilet.

In the heyday of air travel in the 60`s every stewardess looked like an actress, and they treated you like a king. Now thanks to non-discrimination laws the typical flight attendant is an old hag, and she treats you like a step-child.

No more free warm chocolate chip cookies is the last straw, I will never fly anywhere again.

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