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Published:April 6th, 2012 22:33 EST

Pooch Runs Away From Neuturing At Animal Clinic! Family Heartbroken!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A family is worried and heartbroken, but they continue to search for their lost dog in Douglas County.

`Jack,` the miniature husky, didn`t run away from his Castle Rock home. He broke free while getting neutered at a local vet. Now his family is offering $1,000 for his return.


Jack was at the Cherished Companions Animal Clinic last week for the procedure, while his family took a short vacation. It was during that vacation that the Legrotte family was told that Jack broke free from his harness while on a walk."

Only a person with a heart of stone would fail to have sympathy for Jack. Jack`s owners leave for a fun-filled vacation, and they dump poor Jack in a strange place, where he is robbed of his manhood (doghood?).

The family cut their vacation short when they heard the horrible news about Jack, and they`ve been searching for him ever since. They haven`t given up hope of being reunited with their beloved pooch -- there have been a few sightings of Jack. Of course there`s the requisite Facebook page:

Doggone it, can anybody blame Jack, or should his name be changed to Jill, for running away?

If Jack`s owners find him, I hope they never take a vacation without bringing Jack with them.


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