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Published:April 10th, 2012 16:13 EST

Liam Hemsworth Mad At Photographers Who Took Pics Of Miley Cyrus' Muffin

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Miley Cyrus fans were shocked when photographers caught her not wearing underwear April 6, but no one was more upset than Miley`s boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. "He is legitimately baffled at the [paparazzi] and is disgusted they will go to those lengths to get a shot like that," a source tells In fact, Miley has actually had to calm Liam down considerably since the photos first hit the web.


`[Miley] is telling him that as long as they don`t really mention [the scandal] that it will go away,` our source adds. `There is nothing they can do about it now.`"


Miley Cyrus has been videotaped hitting a bong and catching a case of the giggles, and she has been photographed making out with a birthday cake in the shape of a p[e]nis. If the trifling celeb donned a dunce cap and danced the Funky Chicken in her birthday suit down Broadway, nobody would be shocked or even mildly surprised. I`m sure the pop tart`s fans are taking her latest controversy in stride, they are well aware that Miley isn`t a vestal virgin.

Liam`s faux outrage is laughable, he should reserve his anger for his girlfriend. Instead of lashing out at the paparazzi, who are only doing their job, he should have a little talk with the former Disney star: I don`t care if you wear a mini-skirt that reaches all the way up to your bony butt, just put on some drawers for God`s sake.

Liam is being overly optimistic, the scandal, such as it is, won`t go away for a while. There are still many bloggers who haven`t had a chance yet to bemoan the fact that the world is coming to an end because the teen queen exposed her goodies.

I saw the pics, and it`s nothing to write home about. Besides, any mother would slap her son if he sent her a letter in which he mentioned Miley`s love box.

For the sake of decency and so you won`t throw up, I won`t provide a link to Miley`s muffin pic.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia