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Published:April 12th, 2012 14:49 EST
 'Eco-Tyranny' Points at Marxist Agenda Driving the Environmental Movement

'Eco-Tyranny' Points at Marxist Agenda Driving the Environmental Movement

By SOP newswire

The scenario is bizarre, almost surreal. America has more abundant energy resources underground than Saudi Arabia - but for some strange reason isn`t allowed to access it, leaving Americans energy-dependent on nations that hate us. At the same time, the elites cite "global warming" to justify the most massive and damaging wealth redistribution in world history, while pretending their pet theory hasn`t been utterly discredited by high-profile revelations of scientific fraud and scandal.

Seeing all this, millions of Americans living through the Obama era`s "fundamental transformation of America" want to know: Why do so many "leaders" embrace irrational energy policies? Why do they still pursue crippling regulatory and redistribution policies, based on an unproven and discredited theory? And why is the powerful environmental movement so maniacally anti-energy and anti-capitalism - and therefore anti-freedom?

Brian Sussman, once one of America`s most popular television meteorologists, is on the warpath. Having delivered the coup de grace to "global warming`s" scientific fraud with his previous book "Climategate," now in
 Eco-Tyranny" Sussman devastatingly exposes the environmental movement as a Trojan horse in a very real, ongoing war to end America`s status as a superpower.

"Eco-Tyranny" provides a thought-provoking analysis of the origins of the modern-day `sustainable` movement," said Sen. James Inhofe, the author of The Greatest Hoax.

 As many have suspected, the whole "global warming" charade has much less to do with saving the planet than with profoundly changing America for the worse. Sussman, an award-winning meteorologist before becoming a popular radio talk-show host, documents how and why those steeped in neo-Marxist, radical-leftist contempt for traditional America - for her free-market capitalism, high quality of life and world dominance - are absolutely determined to reduce America to a shadow of her former greatness and power.

In "Eco-Tyranny", Sussman lifts the veil on the Marxist-Leninist ideals which drive the modern environmental movement and shows how environmentalism has its own weird hierarchy of high priests and evangelists. Sussman also exposes how our own government purposely put the brakes on a plan to develop sustainable nuclear energy, for the benefit of everyone.

A journalist (University of Missouri) who became a meteorologist, Brian Sussman realized after a time that since the leftwing media were promoting their worldview, he might as well promote his own worldview. The result has been a career dedicated to exposing Marxist agendas behind "global warming," "climate change," or whatever the elite`s term du jour is. His blockbuster book, Climategate, was a game-changer for those resisting the skewed data coming from the Al Gore camp. A resident of San Francisco, Sussman operates in a cultural environment that would be too hot for some, but in which he thrives. A decade ago, he took over a talk radio slot at KSFO-AM, one of the top conservative radio stations in the country.
Bestselling author Brian Sussman attended the University of Missouri dreaming of a career as a television meteorologist.  However, after graduation, his first job was as the nation`s youngest television news director, managing the news team at the ABC-TV affiliate in Columbia, Missouri. The small newsroom environment allowed Sussman to write, produce, report, shoot and edit the news, and even hire employees and manage a budget. However, ironically, he never stood before the "green screen" to report the weather.

Moving West toward his home state of California, Brian finally got a shot to do his first weathercast at KOLO-TV in Reno. Deemed an overnight success, he was soon lured into the San Francisco television market where, over the next 20-years, Sussman became a meteorological legend at the CBS-owned KPIX, channel 5.  His weather and science reporting was honored with a handful of Emmy`s, 16 "Best Weather" awards from the Associated Press and Radio-TV-News Directors Association, a National Education Association accolade of merit, and a "Brian Sussman Day" from the California State legislature.

Sussman is credentialed through the American Meteorological Society, and holds the esteemed AMS "Seal of Approval." He`s served on the Society`s board of education.

In 2001, Sussman shocked the California media community by leaving his TV job to venture into conservative talk radio. He was hired by one of the nation`s top-talkers, KSFO, and currently hosts the station`s popular morning-drive program.

In 2010, Brian neatly combined his journalism and meteorological expertise, releasing the bestseller, Climategate: A Veteran Meteorlogist Exposes the Global Warming Scam.

Now he presents, Eco-Tyranny: How the Left`s Green Agenda.

"It`s the most damning historical expose` ever written about the environmental movement," says Sussman. "The red roots of the green movement are conclusively uncovered in Eco-Tryanny.  If we want to secure our liberty and restore our economy, the wild branches growing from this insurgent foe--which now reach into every aspect of American life--must be lopped off. I explain how we can achieve this critical task in this must-read book."