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Published:April 12th, 2012 23:49 EST
New Holistic Parenting Book Educates about Healthy Upbringing of Kids

New Holistic Parenting Book Educates about Healthy Upbringing of Kids

By SOP newswire

Greg and Lisa Popcak have co-authored a book on how to help children live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives: "Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Raising Sexually Whole and Holy Kids." Since parents are more eager than ever to give their kids a head start in life, there is no shortage of books on how to help children sleep well, eat well, and learn well. But parents also know that there is more to raising children than naps, vegetables, and test scores. 

Every stage of development brings its own challenges, from diapers to the day parents and children have "the Talk" and well beyond. "Beyond the Birds and the Bees" is full of expert advice and insight from this couple, who have come together to share their wisdom with clarity and humor. Combining their parenting experience with Dr. Greg Popcak`s years of pastoral counseling, they have permeated this revised edition with the understanding of the human identity taught by Blessed John Paul II`s Theology of the Body. The Popcaks explain that building on this foundation of human dignity and value is the basis for building great skills in moral reasoning. 

Lisa Hendey, founder of, describes it as "a primer parents can begin employing even before the birth of their first child to parent children who will go on to lead lives of healthy, self donative love." She terms it "a `must own` for every home!" for its value in helping parents shape their children`s understanding of morality, especially in matters of sexuality, from day one. 

"Blessed John Paul II had a great deal to say about the beauty and dignity inherent to every human person, no matter what age," says Dr. Greg Popcak. "With this in mind, we wanted to create a resource to help parents instill moral courage and conviction in their children. The goal is to enable their children to make the right decision in all areas of life, at all ages." 

"Beyond the Birds and the Bees" is available from Ascension Press at or by calling 1-800-376-0520.