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Published:April 21st, 2012 09:42 EST
Pope Benedict`s Book Explores Diverse Aspects of Environmental Issues

Pope Benedict`s Book Explores Diverse Aspects of Environmental Issues

By SOP newswire

A new book published by Our Sunday Visitor, The Environment by Pope Benedict XVI is an unprecedented collection of excerpts from what the Holy Father has had to say regarding the environment- a treasure trove of insights and inspiration surrounding the Church and the world in which we live.

"I willingly join in spirit all who are grateful to the Lord for the fruits of the earth and the work of human hands, renewing the pressing invitation to respect the natural environment, a precious resource entrusted to our stewardship" -- Pope Benedict XVI, Angelus, November 15, 2009

Pope Benedict has not been shy in regards to issues of the environment. He has spoken frequently about everyone`s right to food, right to water and responsible sharing. He has spoken about the real meaning of progress and development and what that means for our planet of limited resources. He has discussed climate change, the connection between science and nature, and how the path of cultivating peace is directly linked to protecting creation.

"Preservation of the environment, promotion of sustainable development and particular attention to climate change are matters of grave concern for the entire human family. With increasing clarity, scientific research demonstrates that the impact of human actions in any one place or region can have worldwide effects." -- Pope Benedict XVI, Message for the 2007 World Day of Peace

The Environment is the latest in a number of books by Pope Benedict XVI published by Our Sunday Visitor. These include such titles as: Doctors of the Church, Holy Women, Great Teachers, The Virtues, The Fathers, and many more.

"The Holy Father accepts that, as pope, he has "an inner obligation to struggle for the preservation of the environment and to oppose the destruction of creation." Our Sunday Visitor has therefore done well in making his writings on the environment available to Catholics and others who, learning from his teaching, will contribute to the Church`s ministry of responsibility towards creation." - From the Introduction, by Cardinal Peter K. A. Turkson

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