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Published:April 22nd, 2012 12:48 EST

Australians Have No Love For Con Artist Faith Healers!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A group of faith healers in Australia says it has been getting death threats from anonymous e-mailers who want its members off Brisbane`s streets corners.

The Culture Shifters, which includes kids as young as 13, sent a collection of allegedly threatening messages it received to police but hasn`t made any plans to halt its outreach, which it claims has resulted in bones mending and cancers disappearing."



When you live in a land where a Dingo is liable to run off with your baby in the middle of the night, and you have to box a kangaroo for a seat at a sporting event, and you may have to fight off a crocodile on your daily jog, you don`t have the patience to tolerate charlatans.

Aussies have a live and let live mentality, and they don`t look too kindly at effete evangelists and pesky street preachers. If an Aussie has cancer, he won`t rely on a faith healer, he will simply take his huge knife, and carve out the cancerous growth.

I don`t condone violence, or the threat of violence, but faith healers shouldn`t be too surprised they aren`t welcome in Australia. It`s a good thing their faith can mend broken bones, the typical Aussie may stop wrestling with a croc long enough to break the arm of a faith healer.

The Culture Shifters need to get with the program stop peddling their nonsense! Dudes, dance with a Dingo, eat a Vegemite sandwich, down a few beers and chill out!

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