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Published:April 23rd, 2012 13:04 EST

My Motto As A Writer: I'll Go There!

By Robert Paul Reyes

If you want to read scholarly dissertations with footnotes, you`ve come to the wrong place. If you desire to read bland commentary that doesn`t offend anyone, or raise anyone`s blood pressure, keep clicking. If you want to peruse essays that won`t elicit controversy, keep surfing. If you suffer from insomnia, and want to read something that will lull you to sleep,  you`ve come to the wrong Web site. If you want to bask only in feel-good stories that will keep you in touch with your inner-child, I ain`t no New Age guru.

sopMy motto is : I`ll go there.  I`m not afraid to tackle any subject, or delve into controversy. I love to write about stories where there`s a racial dimension, when it comes right down to it, it`s all about race in this country. I enjoy penning articles where a person`s sexual orientation is an integral part of the story. Race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, crime, corruption, scandal: I`ll go there! Sacred cows were meant to be slaughtered, and served for dinner.

In this politically-correct environment there are too many wusses who won`t go there, I will! I don`t want to hear "I can`t believe Robert went there." Believe it, I went there.

My long-time readers know how I roll, but for all you newbies consider this a warning and a promise: I will go there! I want my obituary to read: Robert Paul Reyes went there!

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