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Published:April 23rd, 2012 11:53 EST
The SOP Word of the Day: Guideline

The SOP Word of the Day: Guideline

By Keith Johnson

Guideline - the word "guideline" means parameter in the context of its use. So, guidelines can apply to behavior, product or service production parameters, educational and procedural standards and more.

Guidelines help society to establish expectations and in this way the marketplace can establish a semblance of order. Guidelines help entire civilizations and marketplaces emerge and come into being.

The idea of a guideline is not small by any means. From a simple document to an entire public policy - guidelines help different people participate in the idea, product, service, concept, or particular instance of the guideline in question.

By Keith Johnson, Senior Technical Writer
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Author "365 Amazing Writing Tips"