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Published:April 24th, 2012 15:04 EST

OMG: Teens Getting Drunk By Drinking Hand Sanitizer!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There`s a new troubling trend among teenagers -- trying to get drunk by guzzling hand sanitizer. Children`s Hospital of Los Angeles reports that six area teens have landed in emergency rooms with alcohol after drinking the cheap liquid.


The teens are distilling the hand sanitizer products, which typically contain at least 62 percent ethyl alcohol, using salt to separate the alcohol. The result is a powerful 120 proof shot."


Kids will abuse any product with the potential of making them high, in my day it was cough syrup. If bubble maker fluid could make you high, there would be hipsters walking around with bubbles coming out of their arse.

I never leave home without my Purell hand sanitizer, I`m a germaphobe not an oxygen thief who gets high on hand sanitizer.

If your child gets high on Purell, you should apologize for bringing such a moron into the world, and force him to post a pic on Facebook showing him drinking a bottle of Purell.

On a serious note, 120 proof anything will get you drunk almost instantly, tell your children about the dangers of abusing hand sanitizer.

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