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Published:April 25th, 2012 19:31 EST
What Did You Expect? Demand Better Movies

What Did You Expect? Demand Better Movies

By Sean Stubblefield

General audiences have a bad habit of accepting mediocre movies as acceptable; and therefore, Hollywood thinks that bad movies are accepted.

Don`t let Hollywood get away with contriving movies into formulaic structures and formats. Viewers are too forgiving of a movie`s inadequacies when those faults are consistent with what we`ve come to expect from a genre`s traditionally assumed conventions.

Cheesy or poor writing is often excused as a quality of particular types of movies. But we should consider a movie good without those defects, not despite them.

Is the movie really a good movie, or are you an apologist? Is the movie good to you because you lowered your standards? Or because the movie producer`s standards are raised?

If you don`t expect a movie to be awesome, then why spend your money on it? Why pay theaters and studios for movies that are just ok? or worded, just plain bad.

That`s money you could spend on awesome movies.

If you expect a movie will be just ok, then watch it on Netflix or RedBox or even rent from Blockbuster. Or wait for the movie to appear on cable.

Every time you buy a movie ticket, you are essentially casting a vote in the studio ballot box office.

Most studio executives don`t care if the film is actually any good; they only care if it makes money. To them, financial is the only measure of success. If we "the audience" want to change that definition of success from profitable to awesome, then we need to spend our money supporting good films.


Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons