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Published:April 27th, 2012 12:04 EST
A Father and Son Chat

A Father and Son Chat

By Ed Roberts

A Father and Son Chat



It`s me again


I know

It`s been awhile


So much to do

I know

You understand


Life just gets in the way sometimes


I also know

You`re always here

Especially if I need you


But that`s it

In a way


You really aren`t here though

This is just where we left you


I know

It`s a nice place



The grass is always cut

The plants cared for

It kinda reminds me

Of our backyard when I was growing up


And there`s this nice stone here

With your name on it

Giving those all too important dates

Date of birth

Date of death


Like I would ever forget


I hope you understand

Why it is

I don`t come here a lot


You`re not just here to me

I carry you with me


I share with you

Every moment

My every laugh

My every tear

The laughter of my children


To me

This is simply a place

A place where we left your body

A departure point if you will

Where you left us

To go back home


A home where I know you are waiting

For all of us here to join you



That`s all today Dad


I`ll be back

Whenever I can

Or whenever

We really need to talk


Thank you for still being here

Both at this lovely place

And in my heart


You know

I`ll keep you there



Ed Roberts 4/20/12