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Published:April 27th, 2012 13:30 EST

Polish Rapper's Sculpture Is Real Crappy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Polish rapper had a giant sculpture of a dog`s feces installed in a patch of grass to remind residents to pick up after their pets."


I`m guessing the sculptor won`t mind if someone tells him that his sculpture is crap.


There will probably be more than one art critic of a canine persuasion who will render his opinion of the work of art by taking a crap on it.

Rap isn`t my favorite genre of music, it`s fitting that a rapper commissioned the work of art.

A typical dog owner would be more likely to pick up the crap sculpture and toss it in a garbage can than pick up after his dog.

I know this article is kind of crappy, but you can`t expect Pulitzer-worthy material every day.

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