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Published:May 1st, 2012 19:08 EST
Connectivity Emerges Out of the Word "Connection"

Connectivity Emerges Out of the Word "Connection"

By Keith Johnson

The SOP Word of the Day: Connectivity

Connectivity, as a popular term today, has emerged out of the word "connection". Connectivity implies the "ability to connect". So, if you are in a location that has no WIFI signal and you depend upon WIFI to get onto the Internet, you can say "this location has poor connectivity".

If you have a wireless broadband card for your computer or laptop, you will always experience good "connectivity" because you can always access the web. However, connectivity does not imply just being connected with the web.

Surely not. Connectivity applies to a massive cross section of systems, networks, devices, and more that must connect, and this can imply hardware, software, protocols, and more.

In today`s world, people, machines, and devices of all kinds need to connect to be able to communicate. This is why the word connectivity has become so popular in our everyday techie vocabulary.


Keith Johnson, M.S. Education

Senior Technical Writer & Author

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA