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Published:May 2nd, 2012 11:36 EST
High Walls and a Secret Nuclear Arsenal: The Two Are Not Unconnected

High Walls and a Secret Nuclear Arsenal: The Two Are Not Unconnected

By SOP newswire2

In1948, the state of Israel was imposed in the center of a thousand year old, Muslim Middle East by the then newly established United Nations that was anxious to submit to political expediency with no thought as to the future consequences.   

We should never ignore the fact that all those states who would be impacted by the imposition of a foreign religious/ cultural entity in their midst, voted AGAINST the UN resolution and warned in advance that if it were implemented,they would resist the expropriation of Palestinian land with armed force. This they did, albeit unsuccessfully. Subsequently, successive US governments, underthe influence of the powerful but unelected American-Israel Lobby, have poured billions of dollars worth of arms, annually, into Israel to make it the most militarily powerful, secret nuclear state in the world. 

Today, as the state of Israel continues to build itself into a self-imposed ghetto, the world watches and wonders at the lack of empathy the Israeli government has with democratic states worldwide and the rest of the international community.

As more and more walls are built to this self-enclosure, to isolate the Israeli state against its neighbors Lebanon, Egypt, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and public opprobrium worldwide, the obvious question is: why does the Israeli government continue with its reprehensible and odious policy of illegal settlement on Arab land - a policy that requires it to defend its illegal actions against all the indigenous people of the region?

Governments who act legally, legitimately and in accordance with accepted international law, do not need to surround themselves with high walls to protect their citizens. Only Israelis unique in this and in its policy of `nuclear ambiguity. The two are not unconnected. 

6000 American soldiers killed and 40,000 wounded, as in Iraq,would be just a fraction of the US fatalities if Israel starts a nuclear war in the Middle East. The consequences would be cataclysmic with Pakistan and other nuclear states being forced to enter the conflict as it went global.

We should allthink very carefully before we endorse any attack upon Iran. You don`t need to be anti-Semitic to know that an Israeli instigated global war would affectvirtually every one on the planet, including every American state and every Europeancountry.

By Douglas Reed