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Published:May 4th, 2012 00:20 EST

Perfect Song Choice For Joshua Ledet: Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'

By Robert Paul Reyes

If Joshua Ledet makes it to the American Idol Finale he should sing "Born This Way", it would be a not too subtle affirmation of his sexual orientation.

idolJoshua has the moves, the voice, and the charisma, all his is lacking is the self-confidence to come out of the closet.

The soulful crooner always makes an emotional connection with the audience, that bond would be so much stronger if he admitted the obvious: He`s gay!

Joshua`s sexual orientation shouldn`t matter, but he`s so obviously gay that it`s irritating and perplexing that he won`t come out of the damn closet.

I`m Hispanic, but most people assume I`m white; I could easily pass for Caucasian, but I would never dream of denying my ethnic heritage. I would expect to be condemned by my fellow Latinos if I betrayed my heritage and pretended to be white.

Why do gays and lesbians get a pass? Why aren`t they criticized for living a lie, and pretending to be straight. I`m not talking about gays and lesbians who simply don`t talk about their sexual orientation, they have every right to keep their personal lives private. I`m referring to the ones who pretend to be straight, by dating persons of the opposite sex.

If Joshua comes out of the closet, he will be America`s Idol even if he doesn`t win American Idol.

Of course there`s a chance I may be wrong about Ledet`s orientation, and there`s also a chance pigs may fly out of my rear end.

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