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Published:May 4th, 2012 22:07 EST

Why Hollie Cavanagh Has A Better Chance Than Joshua Ledet Of Winning American Idol

By Robert Paul Reyes

Hollie Cavanagh, 18, was born in the UK, and she is currently living in Texas. The blond cutie is currently one of the Top 4 finalists in the eleventh season of American Idol.

idolHollie is an adequate singer, a poor dancer, and kind of a dull girl, but when she smiles I feel a need to pat her on the head, buy her an ice cream cone and vote for her.

Hollie is overshadowed by the other American Idol contestants, and she always lands on the bottom two, but week after week, she escapes by the skin of her pearly white teeth.

Believe it or not, Hollie has a good chance of being the next American Idol champ. Consider her competition:


Jessica, 16, is the best female singer this year; it`s not unusual for the judges to reward her with a standing ovation. Jessica is a superb singer, but she fails to make an emotional connection with the audience. The young singer doesn`t have the life experience to give her lyrics punch like a real diva like Whitney Houston. Chaka Kahn sings from her groin, and we believe her when she sings about how a man did her wrong, and she`s going to get revenge. When Jessica croons about love lost, we think "this little girl doesn`t know what the hell she is singing about." She needs a time out; the voters need to kick her to the curb.


Joshua Ledet is the best singer in the history of American Idol, he`s also a terrific dancer, and the judges love him to death. Joshua is also the gayest contestant in the history of Idol; will the public forgive him for not being honest about who he is? He won`t be the next American Idol


Phillips isn`t the greatest singer in the world, but his saving grace is that the young girls think he`s cute, and they vote multiple times for him every Wednesday night. But eventually they will realize that Phillips is a one-trick pony, the only thing he knows how to do is make goofy faces when he sings. When the teenyboppers realize that he probably makes those some crazy expressions when he eats ice cream and when he`s making love, they will give him the boot.

And that`s why, friends and neighbors, don`t be too shocked if Hollie is your next American Idol.

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