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Published:May 5th, 2012 12:33 EST

Dude Loses Control Of Motorized Bar Stool!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Indiana said a man (James Kleckner, 53) suffered a minor head injury when he lost control of his motorized bar stool and crashed."


James is a wee bit too old to be fooling around with such a silly contraption, he shouldn`t sit down on anything more dangerous than a La-Z-Boy chair.


James had a bit to drink earlier in the day, but he wasn`t intoxicated at the time of the crash.

It`s embarrassing to be pulled over by a cop at any time, but imagine how embarrassing it is to be pulled over by a cop when you are riding a motorized bar stool.

I can imagine how angry James` wife was shen she discovered he was building a motorized bar stool in the basement:

Wife: What`s all that racket? What have you been working on for the last four hours?

James: Something real useful honey

Wife goes down the stairs to the basement and sees the motorized bar stool: You bald bastard! I hope you crash in that contraption!

James`wife should remove the engine from the bar stool, and nail the bar stool to the floor.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia