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Published:May 5th, 2012 13:08 EST
Obama "Big Stick" No. 2: What is she doing here anyway?

Obama "Big Stick" No. 2: What is she doing here anyway?

By S Renee Greene

The next viral explosion on the Internet...President Obama trying to figure out why the hayell Kim Kardashian was at the White House correspondent`s dinner.

What did she ever correspond with with her legs down and closed? If someone needs an "aspirin between the knees" it would be Kim Kardashian. Ladies, real ladies like Michelle Obama, don`t do things like that.

The tacky female who doesn`t seem to know she`s branded for life because of her own actions burst on the scene in TV`s reality show hype (TV made for people with the mentality of a 14 year old) because she floated a videotape with the brother of a famous black female singer`s "big stick" stuck between her legs, and suddenly she`s "material" (or shall we say `fodder`) for the White House Correspondent`s Dinner?

Rumor has it that FOX News invited her there. If so, that shows how much they care about people who have actually earned their way in life, especially if it has big T&A.

They used Kardashian and made her look like a pure dimwit and it`s highly unlikely that she is even aware of it. She got played like Monica Lewinsky got played, except Bill Clinton fell for it and didn`t think he was going to get caught; but he didn`t have the sense enough to know she was a "hot poison plant."

Knowing them, they wanted to see if they could get her close enough to the President to throw what the Limbaugh male types at FOX consider the only important assets a woman has, her "ass"ets, in his face. Then they could snap a photo of his `natural male` reaction and peel him off one on the bullshyte level, as they always do. He`d look, he`s a man -- a real one; but they forget that he`s also a gentleman who is very much in love with his wife, and his daughters.

President or no president, he`s not letting his wife, his girls, or this country go to pot over a piece of loose tail. But they would do it. In a heartbeat...and they want America to know he`s no better than they are. But he is.

President Obama wasn`t impressed with Kardashian, and apparently was quite perturbed about it; and understandably so; as I`m sure his wife, Michelle, also was.

When Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut, it was because she marched to Washington to talk about her rights as a woman to a panel of men in Congress who were poised to make a decision about women`s rights when it comes to contraceptives.

Kardashian, on the other hand, is a slut; and a well-known and famous one at that. If it wasn`t for Brandy`s brother`s big stick, she`d never have been on television in the first place. No man could marry her and make an "honest" woman of her, especially if she`s dumb enough to fall for a FOX trick like one of O`Keefe`s and Breitbart`s "pimp gals."

That low blow was the equivalent of someone showing up at FOX headquarters to speak to the CEO with a hidden camera and a real prostitute so the tape could be edited later to prove he "does Debbie" in the office while his wife is throwing garden parties.

It says one thing about President Obama, if nothing else.

He`s so far beyond their reach and trickery (and they`ve done nothing but tried to dig up -or throw- dirt on him since Day 1) that they have to do something stupendously `spectacularly` profoundly asinine to try and make him slip up. I understand perfection, it can be a thing of amazement for others who are not like us. They work hard to make `us` look bad when we know we haven`t done a thing wrong; but if they have to go into overtime like that in their efforts, it speaks only to their own failure to conduct themselves like decent upstanding human beings even at a White House affair intended for legitimate journalists.

I`m sure President Obama had to consult with his wife on that one and she told him exactly what to say.

I know what I would have told him to say, and it wouldn`t have been as nice.