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Published:May 5th, 2012 11:22 EST

Obama "Big Stick" No. 3: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

By S Renee Greene

Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz said the world is finally rising up and demanding a democracy where people, not dollars, matter. The best government that money can buy just isn`t good enough.

This may be the year that the Republicans and the SuperPACs find out that America and Americans can`t be bought off, or paid to just go away.

Much of today`s western press, which a Japanese reporter called "unprofessional," has centered on just how much Americans and the rest of the world "hate" or don`t much care for President Barack Obama. It`s been highly negative press.

Those who do like, or care, for his position as president, are called "The Fan Club" (Obamabots) of a `waning celebrity` who is a complete and utter failure and nothing more than a chalk or stick drawing in history. He, according to them, is a nothing and a secret Muslim nobody who went to the White House only because black people vote black.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Especially considering all of the black folk who ran for President before Obama and didn`t even make a splash for the national polls.

In general, during President Obama`s campaign in 2008, I not only heard the details of his promises, all of the utterances that ended with interjections like "Done!," but I heard the messages he was kicking out behind the words. What he couldn`t say in public, he made up for with deeds and gestures, at times, some very loud and unspoken hand gestures.

A stagnant, stale, lackadaisical, and pretty much broke, busted, and disgusted America suddenly got off its corporate arse, and with one big swollen fell push, ousted the Republican Party and their evangelical extremist buddies out of its national politics -- starting at the very top.

The political wounds were too deep and festering, or freshly covered over with old scars to fix immediately, so those who knew, knew that it was going to take some time and some doing to fix, maybe even heal in the long run.

President Obama set out to "change" America, and he did.

The 99ers, and even the "Arab Spring" of those who are tired of taking crap off of the selfish middle-eastern-living moneygrubbers is proof enough. President Obama didn`t start these politics, but he certainly inspired and called for them to take their rightful and "God-given" place.

America is better than this, he said. But I can`t do it alone.

If you thought he could walk on water,  whoomp, there it is. He can`t. But you don`t toss away a Cadillac just because it`s got a ding in it. You fix the ding and put it in "D" for Drive.

And the new-burning fire for justice and democracy in America is setting fires all over the world. Michelle Obama told us to stop being afraid, to stop living in fear, and then she went and showed us how to do it. She bet her husband and her family`s lives that America was better than that; and now she is tired.

Tired enough to say she wants to walk away from The White House and keep walking. Who could blame her, if her husband does win this year, if she took a four-year vacation for the next lap? I`d be glad to hear the sound of silence.

She`s done her job and done it well ... as a wife, a mother, and as First Lady, and I have to give her credit where credit is due. She has been the most busy, active, and high profile First Lady since Jackie-O. She`s worked hard, represented well, and she and the girls need to take the next four years out of the spotlight and off the Papparazzi target list.

If President Obama does nothing else, he changed America from the outside in; and motivated a largesse of folks who thought the conversation on beliefs belonged only to the rightwing evangelicals and the discussion on politics belonged solely to its rich Republican faction. America didn`t think there was anything they could do about it, and that their votes did not count, and then comes this high-falutin` yakety yak of an upstart and a rainmaker who told America that it is yet too early to give up or give in.

If there was ever a reason to fight, this is it. It is time.

Come November of 2008, and the United States of America - every race, every color and creed, every national origin, every language, every denomination, every demographic, every religion, and every orientation found something out. Their vote does count.

People that you didn`t know knew anything about politics and government suddenly began discussing it as if they`d been on the inside of Washington DC itself. Folks who had never voted before, and were older than 18, came out in record numbers.

Folks voted for him because he`s black, voted against him because he`s black, people voted for him because the only other option was "sudden death" and America`s Second Great Depression, others voted for him because they liked him, and voted for him because they didn`t like the others, many voted for him because it was long past time for the Old Guard to move the hell out of the way ... but they voted.

America suddenly decided that it did care who was driving its "big stick" gear shifts, DID care that the extremist rightwing evangelicals were dictating who God is and who He does and does not care about, and D I D care that those "Christians who are Not" were in control of this nation`s politicians ... had it in a death grip that it wasn`t about to let go of until the American citizens, its true owners, stood up in one big swipe and not only loosened their venomous grip on this country, but pried it slap loose and told them all to go straight to hell.

Where America fell down on the job, as it dared to put a black man in office to represent THE PEOPLE instead of the `peoplous` corporations, was during the mid-term elections in 2010. That was the time to turn Congress over and shove out the Blue Dogs and their Republican counterparts who kept playing them like master puppeteers.

Instead, come mid-terms 2010, when it was time to topple Congress the same way we toppled the White House, folks not only didn`t get rid of the GOP or the Blue Dogs, they opened the floodgates of hell and let in the Tea Party. "Who let the dogs in?"

Blame President Obama, don`t blame him, give him no credit, a little credit, or keep thinking he can "walk on water" if you must, but the end result of the mid-terms tied his hands for the next two years.

People who were paying attention knew that if he couldn`t get the healthcare reform bill through, all else was lost. Those who were watching knew that the GOP and their Tea Partying compatriots would spend the next two to three years beating him on every piece of legislation that they could by simply refusing to cooperate at all. That wasn`t just obstructionism, that was a pure case of racist "big stick" cock-blocking if anyone ever saw it.

Now, the whomevers and whatevers have gone into a landfill and dug up President Obama`s "old girlfriends" out of the trash receptacles of the nation, women whom they pay to write all the deep dark and dirty secrets about his old past loves and sexual escapades, even the smell of his body. Those who write such purely animalistic and bane things drool and drip all over the place just to have their 90 seconds of fame.

But don`t let us start dredging up Mitt Romney`s and Newt Gingrich`s old girlfriends, because I`m sure the "scent" that was coming off their bodies in a bedroom when they were porking other women was far from and anything BUT sexy. (eeewwww)

President Obama has had a lot of challenges the past four years, one of them surviving just the fact of his African American citizenship alone, let alone his race. He can`t speak on it, but that doesn`t stop the rest of us from telling the truth.

Bill Cosby said he was disappointed with Obama`s critics and that they don`t really, as Armchair Presidents, have a clue what he does, or what he wants to do; some don`t even have a clue what he`s done so far and it`s on record. Others on the opposite side of the extreme get deeply po`d if anyone so much as thinks about criticizing him.

Some of us have gotten tired of hearing his name in the media because every racist and Teapublican in the country have run the name "Obama" into the ground with their hatefulness and deep sense of injustice and intolerance for anything that doesn`t look like them, agree with them, or have as much money as they do.

But one thing he, and they both, get credit for, if nothing else, is that he and Mrs. Obama set it off all over the world. People have risen up and are no longer taking "too bad" and "there`s nothing you can do about it" for an answer.

Tomorrow`s America is going to look nothing like yesterday`s.

If this generation, God bless them, does not grow weary, keeps moving it forward, and keeps pushing against the Status Quo, the Constitution itself will be rewritten to make it match today`s America instead of the America that was 200 years ago.

The Founding Fathers never held America to the Constitution when they wrote it or signed it.

Ben Franklin said he wasn`t satisfied with it and that a lifetime of constitutional conventions would never perfect it; Thomas Jefferson, who wasn`t there for the signing, said "Let not the dead tell the living how to live."

James Madison said it was an imperfect document that he expected would be revised and perfected over time with future generations, and Alexander Hamilton, the author of the Federalist papers, which underwrote the Constitution, said "The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased."

If nothing else can be said of President Barack H. Obama Jr., one term or two, he got some pretty "don`t give a shyte" and "who cares?" people off their butts and involved in their government processes, sitting up and paying attention for the first time in decades. He got some people who had given up completely thinking that `all hope is not lost` after all.

A true `agent of change` stays in the center and doesn`t keep harping on ideas that the people no longer want. If we want REAL health care reform, we`re going to have to get to the table that is already set before us and demand it. If we want REAL change, we don`t ask for it, we take it in a storm.

What the Tea Party doesn`t know is that the paradigm shift back in Boston ever so long ago wasn`t about whites with guns wearing dumb-looking costumes that were out of touch with their own generation and time who were demanding that a black president answer for their hatred of his race; it was about "taxation without representation." And right now, they are the ones who are most assuredly "drinking King George`s tea." The American people have been overtaxed and underrepresented for far too long, and they are tired of it, too.

Futurists say "Tomorrow`s America is going to look nothing like yesterday`s." They are right.

And that America, with utmost congratulations to our fearless and forward-thinking progressive youth who don`t like going in "R" for Reverse, is the only United States of America that was permanently and indelibly penned into The Constitution.

The only `self-evident truth` that is permanent and assured in life is change.