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Published:May 6th, 2012 13:53 EST
What Happened to Cheerleader Sierra Lamar? So Many Unanswered Questions!

What Happened to Cheerleader Sierra Lamar? So Many Unanswered Questions!

By SOP newswire

I`ve been following this story since this past Friday, and came across your article, "Is Social Media a Factor in the Disappearance of Cheerleader Sierra Lamar." I wanted to know if there was any evidence pertaining to her last txt message being sent from a 7/11. If so, have the authorities looked into the surveillance cameras at this 7/11? It seems she had a change of clothes in her bag and was planning on an overnight stay somewhere. Could it be she met an older man online?

And why are there so many sex offenders in Morgan Hill and parts of Northern CA? Reports say her phone was turned off when it was found. Was there any damage to the phone, have Police looked into the last activity of the phone and the last time stamp before it was turned off? The Cell providers would definitely have this information. Also, looking from the map of where the phone was found, and where her purse was found, it would appear that whoever she is with, or whoever abducted her, was headed north, leaving Morgan Hill.

Is it possible that she is with someone she semi-knows, and they are holding her against her will? There really hasn`t been a whole lot of information provided lately, which leads me to believe that the authorities assume the worst has happened. But, she didn`t take her charger and she didn`t take her inhaler. It`s hard to determine what is fact and what is fiction in this case, because there are so many sites discussing this topic.

Also, there is very limited info on the father`s sex offense. When and where did this take place, and with whom? From the pics I have seen on the Internet, Sierra and her sister seem to look very happy in the pictures they are in with their father.

Shane Hagan