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Published:May 8th, 2012 13:08 EST
Anti-Austerity Parties Sweep Historic French and Greek Election Positions

Anti-Austerity Parties Sweep Historic French and Greek Election Positions

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.


Poor European economic plans cause a wave of Anti-Austerity Parties to win Historic French and Greek Election positions...


Voters within the EU Countries of France and Greece rallies behind anti-austerity candidates in landmark victories. In France`s presidential election, François Hollande was elected as the first Socialist to lead France in 17 years. I felt that this was quite a shocking victory over the internationally known Nicholas Sarkozy.


Greek citizens rejected two parties in parliamentary elections that had pledged to enact harsh international bailout measures that would require huge Government cuts in spending i.e. "Austerity" in order for Greece to obtain restructured International Monetary loans... The most shocking rise to power is Greece`s neo-Nazi "Golden Dawn Party" that could enter parliament for the first time, giving me the thoughts that Greece has factions that are beginning to take a road that has proven to be destructive and ultimately undermines the prosperity of past nations like Hitler`s Germany that led to WWII...


Hitler as we know pointed his finger towards the Jewish people of Germany in a way that blamed poor economic conditions and German problems on a race as opposed to providing constructive leadership to solved economic problems... With frequent protest and fighting in the streets of Greece a charismatic leader could emerge that could push Greece down a bloody path as well.


From what I have seen in the news I have not been impressed with the new IMF Chief Christine Lagarde which rushed to make loans to Greece and then a short time after tried to influence those same investors to take a 50/% cut on their return and/or write off losses.


Poor internal and very poor external IMF involvement has factions rising in Greece and other EU Countries such as Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain that offer little solutions, but excite and rally the masses to the streets.


One cannot blame people for being mad as hell and not wishing to rely on the established leadership that has failed them as our EU NATO partners and America have all taken poor economic leadership routes by plunging their nations into a decade old wartime economy that in turn created a global economic crisis...


The world is at a crossroads and needs real economic leadership that empowers the local communities, cities and states to rally constructive leadership that will focus on `Comprehensive Planning` in order to bring the World out of Economic Crises.


I propose United Nations Global Reform Mandate that rallies every country in the world to begin sharing "Comprehensive Planning" at the local levels to begin growth and development...