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Published:May 9th, 2012 11:21 EST
Two Destitutes One Destination: Fate

Two Destitutes One Destination: Fate

By SOP newswire2

We are very pleased to present the following new literary work: TWO DESTITUTE Cold and darkness, a Novel by, Giorgio Germont

This is a story based in real-life events. The testimony of the protagonist, an ex soldier of the ARMY and ex combatant in the war in Afghanistan, is the basis for the author to commit to pen and paper this literary work.

This book is arousing great controversy because of the subjects it addresses, matters of great importance and actuality.

The writer is a physician who has published several other books and remains actively engaged in the practice of Medicine and free lance authorship.


A story based in true life events.

Ishmael is a vagabond, a beggar who has suffered in his own flesh the blows of a hard life and has made a decision to "get off the bus" of society and live in the streets, marginated, at the mercy of the people.

Sergio Fabricio. The protagonist, is an ARMY ex-gunner who served in the battlefront of Afghanistan. Upon his return to America, after suffering even the most unimaginable hardship in the war, he realizes that our society is not prepared to receive the ex-fighters within her bosom. He comes to terms with the fact that his experiences in the war are of very little use in civil society; that he is disconnected, he does not fit on the fiber of every day life even though he suffered so much for the liberties of the very society that now keeps him marginated.

A fateful day, the two men meet. They are both down and out, they become inseparable friends, share hardship and company. In a tender narrative, the soldier tells about his days in the military, his experiences in the war. Living in the streets, they have both reached the most basic and raw point in their life, at their lowest expectations. They don`t demand anything, don`t expect anything, they make do with hand-outs and reach for dregs of food in the trash canisters.

As Sergio Fabricio suffered his emotional and physical hardships, he has been slowly losing the battle for the instinct of survival, however something incredible occurs that changes his outlook and restores his will to live.

This novel illustrates the most elemental motives of subsistence and survival, it underlines that even though one may suffer greatly, there is always someone upon whom tragedy has fallen even worse. At the same time this novel highlights the promise of redemption. One wonders what could happen to convince the retired warrior and protagonist to go on living and fighting for life even when he appears to have given-up on himself.