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Published:May 11th, 2012 15:46 EST

Catholics Want Cardinal Wuerl of DC to Revoke Sebelius Invitation

By SOP newswire

The Archbishop of Washington DC, Cardinal Wuerl, has the duty to publicly rebuke Georgetown University for its brazen cooperation with those who are committed to the destruction of innocent babies and the suppression of religious freedom. 

Therefore, we have respectfully asked the Archbishop to issue a statement to the effect that:

  • In 2004 the USCCB publicly directed "Catholic Institutions" to not give honors or platforms to "those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles."
  • His Eminence upholds the Excommunication placed on Sebelius;
  • His Eminence condemns the invitation for Sebelius to address the Georgetown graduates;
  • His Eminence requests that Georgetown revoke her invitation to speak at the Commencement Exercises;   

If Georgetown refuses, let it be known that they are in formal cooperation with those who murder babies and attack the Church. 

Randall Terry states: 

"Millions of Catholic faithful will rejoice in such valor; but, conversely, millions will grieve if he fails to speak boldly against this outrage."