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Published:May 15th, 2012 18:10 EST
Sensing Who Bears the Mark of the Beast

Sensing Who Bears the Mark of the Beast

By SOP newswire

Marshall Swing submits the following and is available for comment:

The Lord and the Holy Spirit revealed to me there will be no visibly, seeable mark of the Beast.

We have all heard of companies that manufacture RFID chip implants. The logistics of such a program in every human hand will not take place in Daniel`s 70th week.

Jesus said He would come as a thief in the night. Matt 24:43, Luke 12:33 12:39, 1 Thess. 5:2-4, Rev 3:3, 16:15

The answer has been right in front of us for almost 2,000 years and we completely missed it. Maybe some very old generation or a spirit-filled believer with the power of the Holy Spirit upon him, like a prophet, from an old generation intuitively knew this ...

As detailed only with scripture below, we all accept and agree the Mark or Seal of God will not be visible. "it is in their forehead" Rev 7:3 14:1 16:15 and we all know that God is not going to mark us visibly for all the world to see. The Bible tells us again and again that we are the light, we are the salt, we are the over comers, we are to take dominion, and on and on ... The song says,  "they will know we are Christians by our love, by our love... " The Mark and Seal of God is in the fruit that we bear, visible for all the world to see.

The same is true for the children of the Beast/Anti-Christ. It has been true since the Edenic covenant. By their fruit, we also know them. Everyone that has never trusted their life to Christ, took up his cross and followed Him with pure heart has always had the mark of the Beast. It is no different in the 7 years of Daniel`s 70th week. Those who do not trust their lives to Christ, take up their cross, and abide in Him, confesses Him before men, and does the Will of the Father have already taken the mark of the beast and are already condemned. John 3:18

The Revelation of John never tells us that one who is marked by the Beast cannot come to Christ. Yes, it is hard, very hard, just as it always has been and will be until our Lord returns. Jesus came to bring a sword, and He is a hard man who reaps where He does not sow seed. Just ask the Apostle Paul who was reaped where nothing was sown.

It will never too late for a human being to trust and follow Christ with his whole heart, prior to the judgment day of the Lord. Literally billions of "Christians," in churches over the last 2000 years, have not followed Jesus with their whole heart, otherwise we would know and have seen their fruit, very visibly, just like Jesus says we would see it on a fruit tree. Or not. Millions of Christians have followed Him as the way to eternal life is very narrow and broad is the path to destruction. Many are called and few are chosen. Eternal life, few are they that find it.

It is time for the end time witness. The Day of the Lord is at hand. It also and has been the time of the falling away of many.

What is your ministry to the lost? What is your ministry to prisoners in jail? What is your ministry to the poor?

Jesus said "by their works you shall know them." And by our works, our life, our ministry, we will be judged.

What is your ministry?

In Christ,

Marshall Swing


Marshall Swing has been a Christian for 37 years, since 1975 when he was born again, after reading through the Bible from cover to cover and gave his full life and heart to Christ in the 10th chapter of Romans. Marshall is involved in evangelism through ByThyHand a ministry for the last days. Marshall is also a jail house minister with Prison Fellowship. Marshall is a founding member of the Church of Acts near St. Louis, Missouri. His website is and he can be reached through email at mswing@rapturereadynow.netScripture references for this news release can be found at