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Published:May 21st, 2012 11:21 EST
There's More To the Stephen Ivens Story

There's More To the Stephen Ivens Story

By SOP newswire2

What Caused FBI Agent Stephen Ivens` Despondency and His ...

I couldn`t help but think as I read your article about Stephen Ivens that maybe, just maybe there could be some other reasons his despondency. There could be a number of different things having an affect on his disposition. Such things as an illness, to having been exposed to a toxin, to even being the victim of some elaborate scheme out of the "twilight zone". We can only speculate at this point.  

My thought however is the simplest answer is more than likely the cause. Having been a Bureau employee I know of two reported suicides. Those deaths occurred in a five year period and within a small group of people. Further during the cold war years there was a higher percentage of heart attacks amount Bureau employees than in the general population. I submit this to you. Could those deaths have been from something other than natural causes? Well I guess we will never know the answer but have to leave it as one of life`s greatest unsolved mysteries. Continuing on with my original thought, knowing the work environment within the Bureau I don`t find that unusual. It takes hard natured individual to work there. If they aren`t well you can imagine the effects it has on a soul. There is a lot of pressure on Bureau employee and in my opinion most of it is causes by internal Bureau works.   

Please read my following response to another story I read.  

Until later stay safe and remain well.  

L.M. Tatum 


To the author of "Why is the Stephen Ivens Story Such Big News? 

In my lowly and humble opinion, it`s a "Big Story", because it highlights the bureaucratic mentality and its inability to think three dimensionally. It highlights inability to confront inherent problems. The inability of "any bureaucracy", to recognize and correct internal errors and short coming which ultimately affect those it is intended to serve. This news vividly points out inability for self reflection and use of common since. That which in the end creates distrusts and doubts in those we the citizens it is intended to sever. We who put that machine and its entities into a position of responsibility care the responsibility of what happens. Those agents, officers, and support personnel who are duty bound to act on behalf of citizen are victims of a heartless and uncaring machine.

Its a big story because it highlight the inability of the bureaucracy to reflect upon its own actions whether right or wrong. That lack of reflections which put its entities on a road to self destruction. That lack of reflection which leads to outside manipulation. That lack of reflection which further leads to leads to the improper venting of anger and frustration and has an out come of self destruction. That road which time after time has repeatedly lead to such actions as a US soldier picking up his gun and going on a shooting rampage, a soldier who takes it upon himself to release thousands of classified documents, a CIA agent who misguidedly further the cause of the opposition, and the thousands of other instances where it has created distrust and doubt leading to no good end. Our enemies need to do little but sit back, choose the moment to tweak one situation to their advantage and then God help us all.

To the Ivens family positive thoughts to you in this time of concern, and prayers that you receive Gods grace, peace and comfort. To Stephen brother no matter what you are loved.