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Published:May 22nd, 2012 10:51 EST
'Summer Snow' - a Faith-Based Inspirational Film

'Summer Snow' - a Faith-Based Inspirational Film

By SOP newswire

American Family Studio is proud to announce the filming of Summer Snow, a dramatic comedy starring David Chisum, Cameron Goodman, Rachel Eggleston, Brett Rice, produced by Dan Atchison and Eric Baird directed by Jeremy and Kendra White.


Summer Snow tells the heart wrenching and hope filled story of Susan Benson`s death, and how it forever changed her husband Dan, and three children`s lives. Forced to find a new "normal," the Bensons must now re-learn how to be a family without the glue that held them together. The Bensons were always a family of faith, but now that faith has been shaken and they are unsure where God fits into this new reality. But just as God often answers prayer in unique and unexpected ways, Susan provides comfort and words of wisdom when each person needs it most, setting her family on a path of healing and hope.


Summer Snow stars David Chisum, Cameron Goodman, Garrett Backstrom, with Brett Rice (Forrest Gump, Remember the Titans, Super 8, Country Strong, andHouse) and introducing, Rachel Eggleston. Critics say "This is a breakthrough performance from the entire cast!" "What a refreshing change of pace! Summer Snow is truly a family film." "Rachel Eggleston`s heartwarming portrayal of Hallie...shines and leaves you smiling."


Estimated Release Date: October 1, 2012 limited release. Distributed through American Family Studios, and in conjunction with Voice of the Martyrs.

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