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Published:May 24th, 2012 08:09 EST
Artmosphere, Ragbags, and I-10; Odds and Ends of the Michaela Mickey Shunich Case!

Artmosphere, Ragbags, and I-10; Odds and Ends of the Michaela Mickey Shunich Case!

By John G. Kays

One day later, and I still haven`t learned much more about Michaela Mickey Shunick`s perplexing disappearance in the wee hours of Saturday, May 19th. From what I can tell, no local news outlets posted any new stories on Mickey`s case, with the exception of ABC, and HLN`s Jane Velez-Mitchell featured her case as her top story. Okay, so I did manage to fill in the picture a bit more. Yesterday, I didn`t know anything about Mickey going to the Artmosphere club (with some friends) to hear some bands last Friday night? 

We get a better idea of what was going on before Mickey left Brettly Wilson`s house, (of course) on her Schwinn bicycle at 2:00 AM. She left with some mace on hand, as always, we`re hearing also. Brettly has readily and openly provided us with the only narrative we have of Michaela`s last night seen. We hear some bits about a Taco Bell rendezvous and we also learn that Mickey was only drinking water at the Artmosphere. Yet there may have been some drinking involved the previous night, which was Thursday the 17th?

I`m a little curious about this night, if someone could provide a narrative, but don`t believe anything of a nefarious nature may have transpired. I simply want to fill in the picture more; I`m getting a wooden image of Michaela (as sketched by friends and family when smacked in the face by news media cameras). Not that they are lying or anything, but most people are more complicated and multi-dimensional than just saying they were totally good and had no known character flaws.

Well, once again, Mickey`s character doesn`t seem to be particularly germane to this case. The best theories put forth so far, have mentioned the plausibility of a random (stranger) abduction model for what took place. JVM threw out the fact that a carnival had come to town, and this enlivened my imagination a bit with the marginal fly-by-night characters that tend to populate these roving ragbags. But not all carnies are criminals; they just lead alternative lifestyles (not so accepted by mainstream society), that`s all. 

Well BeBop jazz musicians were on the fringe themselves in the 1950s, so let`s keep our heads before making idle accusations or stereotyping an entire subculture as Tobe Hooper throw aways! I`m off the roller coaster tracks! Something about this huge Interstate, I-10, grabs me like a sack of stale popcorn! This is where my thinking was drifting yesterday, but I didn`t like the doors (of my mind) I was choosing to open. I went in anyway, though trembling with fear for the dark corridors that resembled an abandoned, haunted Halloween house, from a B-movie set in the 1980s.

I need to stay grounded in the facts we have available. 166 sex offenders in the immediate radius of Brettly Wilson`s house? This could be a dead end too, but has to be explored by the official investigators there in Lafayette, La. The look of this suggests that Artmosphere has nothing to do with this. Brettly Wilson was a great friend to Mickey, and he most certainly should be cleared. The culprit here (as I see it), is riding your bike on crowded urban streets at 2 in the morning, when some sickos are combing the streets looking for someone to prey on.

Everyone will be asking or speculating wildly, is a serial killer on the loose? Is he traveling around the country randomly, so as to hide his identity, or to throw off the authorities, as to his present MO or whereabouts, keeping us on our toes, where will he strike next? Now Tennessee, now Indiana, now North Carolina, and even Louisiana! Well, I need to close those doors that allow my curiosity to run free. But I can`t. I`m no private investigator, no detective, not even a trained journalist. Just an old coot who`s seen too much TV and watched too many B Horror movies (for my own good).

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