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Published:May 25th, 2012 08:01 EST
NY Daily News Provides Comprehensive Coverage of Multi-Faceted Etan Patz Lost Child Case!

NY Daily News Provides Comprehensive Coverage of Multi-Faceted Etan Patz Lost Child Case!

By John G. Kays

I`m not the one reporting this breaking news that, perhaps, the Etan Patz case is finally solved! Pedro Hernandez did it, as a crime of opportunity (he claims he didn`t even know why he did it) 33 years ago to the day (Etan Patz went missing May 25, 1979 in the Soho district of New York City). What I am doing, actually, is trying to make you aware of the best sources available to examine this multi-faceted story. The best and most thorough coverage can be found in the NY Daily News!

There are a lot of angles to this story and I don`t want you to miss any of them. One of the NY Daily News articles gives you a summary of how they covered this missing-boy case back in the day. This includes some amazing pix of the original newspaper articles (it was only print news back in the late 1970s, I`ll remind you.) One piece is a shocker! Sketch called a break in missing-boy case. The sketch is of a young white guy, who sure doesn`t resemble Mr. Hernandez? 

At that time, in 1979, authorities didn`t have any clue, as to who had taken Etan away. Hind sight is 20-20, but still one wonders why the original investigators had questioned other employees at this bodega where Pedro Hernandez had worked briefly in the spring of 1979, and yet they had failed to question Pedro. We hear also, he had bailed out of this bodega shortly after Etan Patz went missing. Wern`t any of Pedro`s fellow employees suspicious of his sudden departure?

Well, I`m a passionate student of history, but I never followed Etan Patz`s case with any sort of commitment or zeal through all these years. This is why I`m appreciating what the NY Daily News is doing here. A back story here, I just noticed, is the history of journalism, what things were like when we only had print news, and how difficult it was for people to get news on this all important story, which otherwise could have faded fast into obscurity, if not oblivion.

Naturally, we want to know how the whole lost child on a milk carton phenomenon came about. I can`t tell you exactly, but I know that it happened during Ronald Reagan`s administration. This might explain why I don`t remember much about it; back in those days, I never paid any attention to what Reagan was doing. I believe I recall seeing some of those milk cartons in the grocery store with Etan Patz`s image on them, but my memory is vague, since I never bought any milk.

I ramble! So why did this relative call in this hot tip (just now) on Pedro Hernandez? Didn`t Hernandez confess to the heinous crime to his relatives back in 1981? Why didn`t they come forward back then? Had they ever been able to put two and two together, and come to the conclusion that it was Etan Patz, Pedro was referring to when he said he`d done something bad? Maybe it did dawn on them, but they filed it away in a secret compartment of their minds, under lock and key.

This is a very strange story, when you look at it in its totality! Especially, the way these two men have been pegged for this crime for so many years. I`m talking about Othniel Miller and Jose Ramos (who purportedly committed a similar crime that very day). Why did detectives get it so wrong at the time, then continue to get it wrong for a full 33 years afterwards? And then we have the class angle; what Soho was like in 1979 and the way the neighborhood evolved (where Stan and Julie Patz lived) over the past 33 years. Yes, we ought to put every angle under a microscope of serious scrutiny. This is a piece of American history that demands careful examination! Let`s get started.

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