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Published:May 26th, 2012 12:20 EST

Holy Cow! Cows Crash Party, Get Roaring Drunk!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Some uninvited guests crashed a party in Boxford, Massachusetts and police had quite the time chasing after them.

Several stray cows bellied up to the bar for a few beers in a backyard.


They got up as the cows went towards the table. They stepped back and the cows took over the table, knocking over the beers with their noses drinking the beer off the table. They went to the recycling bin to find any leftovers, Lt. Riter said."


Talk about a party that isn`t over until the cows come home...

If huge cows crash your party, you`d be well-advised to moooooove over!

According to one of the cops the cows seemed to prefer the Bud Light over Miller Light. I think I see a terrific concept for a commercial: There are two cows, one cow`s udder dispenses Miller Light and the other one Bud Light. There`s a long line for the Bud Light cow...

The bovines were eventually rounded up and returned to their farm about a mile away. The cows weren`t arrested for public drunkenness, theft or trespassing.

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