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Published:May 30th, 2012 13:21 EST

Gentlemen Who Cheat On Their Wives More Likely To Die Of Heart Attack

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Researchers in Italy examined monogamy among men and discovered an interesting correlation -- having an extramarital affair increases men`s risk of having a deadly heart attack.


It`s almost cliché: a middle-age man having sex with a woman who is not his wife keels over in flagrante delicto, what`s known as sudden coital death (oh yes, it has a medical name). But like some stereotypes, it appears to be based in truth, says Dr. Marc Gillinov, a heart surgeon at The Cleveland Clinic and co-author of the book "Heart 411," which looks at cases of sudden coital death, among other cardiac events."


If you warn your playboy buddy that if he cheats on his wife, he might get the clap, he will just shrug and say it`s just a risk a player takes.

If you tell him that he`s risking his marriage by fooling around, he will tell you to "hate the game, not the player."

But if you tell your middle-age pal that he might die of a heart attack while knocking boots with a young skank, he might think twice about cheating on his spouse.

The typical dude won`t sop cheating on his significant other, until his pecker falls off, or if he`s afraid that having extramarital sex might kill him.

Dudes, take care of your health: Don`t screw around.

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