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Published:June 2nd, 2012 13:00 EST

John Edwards: I Don't Think God Is Through With Me

By Robert Paul Reyes

"I don`t think God is through with me."

John Edwards

The criminal trial of John Edwards exposed his morally flawed character -- his modus operandi was to lie and betray everyone who came within his sphere of influence. The disgraced senator was a political animal, willing to do anything to achieve power. It`s an indictment of our democratic process that Edwards came close to achieving his ultimate political dream, which would have been a nightmare for the American people.


The former Democratic presidential candidate declared "I don`t think God is through with me", after he was found not guilty on one of the six counts of campaign finance fraud against him, the jury deadlocked on the other counts, and the judge declared a mistrial.

Some commentators interpreted these words as an indication that the former running mate of John Kerry would make a political comeback. Edwards may be vain and self-obsessed, but he`s not a stupid, and he realizes that his political career is over.

Edwards is too full of hubris, to simply step away from the spotlight and dedicate the rest of his life to practicing law or working as a lobbyist. "I don`t think God is through with me yet", is the scoundrel`s way of saying that the Almighty has plans of using him in a meaningful way as a talk show host, crusader for the plight of poor people, or in another way guaranteed to bathe him in publicity.

Edwards statement implies that God has been using him all along, to do what one may ask? To cheat on his wife? To make a mockery of campaign finance laws? As an accomplished attorney Edwards must be aware that he has slandered the Supreme Being by implying that He has been his co-partner in his nefarious political ambitions.

The former North Carolina senator was never a particularly spiritual individual, but we all know that religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Now that Edwards has lost his political clout and reputation, he see`s no other option but to clothe himself in the garments of religiosity.

A person of high moral character never feels a need to say, "God isn`t through with me yet", he goes about practicing the Golden Rule until he dies. It`s the charlatan or corrupt politician who utters these pious words, after he`s exposed as a fraud.

By uttering this religious phrase Edwards is saying: If God still has faith in me you peons need to get off my case, and stop judging me.

What do you think my faithful readers? Will Edwards` next gig be as a talk show host on MSNBC? A Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations? An infomercial pitchman for hairspray?

Edwards would be perfect as a televangelist, he has the hair, the expensive suits, the facile ability to deceive, contempt for his audience, the desperate need for adoration, and a silver tongue.

If Edwards really believes in God, he should sort out his relationship with Him in private, and spare us his unseemly charade.

The American public is through with John Edwards, he is a morally reprehensible individual who needs to step away from the spotlight.

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