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Published:June 5th, 2012 16:59 EST
The Extra-Judicial Killer: The Drone

The Extra-Judicial Killer: The Drone

By SOP newswire2

DRONES. The very word connotes the violent, screaming death of innocent bodies torn apart by today`s version of Hitler`s V2pilotless bombs. The difference being, that the V2 delivered death silently whilst today`s drones give audible warning of their delivery of death and are a hundred times more powerful. The human target is determined at the stroke of an anonymous systems operator sitting in a military headquarters office outside Tel Aviv or in Washington.

After the death machine has delivered its bombs, it returns to base leaving the bloody human remains of the dead and the screaming of the injured. Meanwhile, the systems operator returns home to his wife and family for dinner. They eat their southern fried chicken and rice, with relish.

This is our world today, as we follow the odious precedent set by the Israeli government when they introduced today`s abhorrent, modern method of warfare: the liquidation of one`s enemies not under any accepted rules of warfare but by unmanned killers that strike by day or night at unsuspecting victims as they eat or sleep. The drone, that inanimate killer that strikes to fulfill the wishes of some anonymous politician anxious to extent his country`s borders or to achieve greater power.

Like the systems operator who directs the drone electronically, the politician watches the killings on screen then goes home, satisfied in his job of work for the day. He is far too far away to see the blood or hear the screams of the children without arms or the mother blinded by the bomb, his bomb. At home, he puts his feet up, drinks his coffee slowly, savouring its taste as he takes another cookie from the jar.

They term this method of killing "extra-judicial`. Others call it murder. And it is happening as I write, and as other states follow the precedent of the paradigm set by Israel in order to extend its borders into the West Bank and East Jerusalem. There is now no going back, no return to normality. We now live in the age of the extra-judicial killing of anyone, without trial, without justice and without mercy. Currently in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Lebanon, and tomorrow, anywhere on earth - London, Berlin or even New York.

We are now all vulnerable to the sudden sound and killing of the new anonymous murderer, the drone, ordered by some unknown politician, somewhere. God help us all.

By Douglas Reed